@Article{kalocinski_interactive_2018, author="Kaloci{\'{n}}ski, Dariusz and Mostowski, Marcin and Gierasimczuk, Nina", title="Interactive Semantic Alignment Model: Social Influence and Local Transmission Bottleneck", journal="Journal of Logic, Language and Information", year="2018", month="Sep", day="01", volume="27", number="3", pages="225--253", abstract="We provide a computational model of semantic alignment among communicating agents constrained by social and cognitive pressures. We use our model to analyze the effects of social stratification and a local transmission bottleneck on the coordination of meaning in isolated dyads. The analysis suggests that the traditional approach to learning---understood as inferring prescribed meaning from observations---can be viewed as a special case of semantic alignment, manifesting itself in the behaviour of socially imbalanced dyads put under mild pressure of a local transmission bottleneck. Other parametrizations of the model yield different long-term effects, including lack of convergence or convergence on simple meanings only.", issn="1572-9583", doi="10.1007/s10849-018-9267-5", url="https://doi.org/10.1007/s10849-018-9267-5" }